“Our marriage of 25 years would not be where it is today without our powerful couple’s work with Linda.  She has expertly guided us with respect, sensitivity, compassion, dedication, and an intuitive sense.  Linda has helped us get to the roots of our issues so we hold each other up with greater understanding, respect, and support.  We’ve gown leaps and bound in our communication, our problem-solving and in getting our needs met sow we each feel fulfilled in our partnership.” – Cary and Don

“We thought we had a great marriage, but careers, raising children, ill and dying parents took up most of our time.  We did not even notice how with time, stress, and constant life’s distractions we had grown apart.  It took a crisis to bring us to Linda and we are so grateful for her counsel, expertise and support.  She created a nurturing and relaxed environment where both of us felt we could express ourselves safely and openly.  She taught us how to listen to one another in a process that first seemed a little silly, but with time proved so extremely effective.  It allowed us to really hear and understand each other’s worries, needs and feelings.  Her sessions frequently started with appreciations – something we often forgot to do in our busy everyday lives.  Linda posed questions that were thought provoking and allowed us to self-discover and to understand the people we are today, 20 years after we first got married.  In a non-judgmental, empathetic way, Linda has guided us through difficult issues of anger as a coping mechanism, need for recognition, loss of trust, and many others.  With Linda’s help, we have grown tremendously as partners, as parents, and as people.  She is an amazing therapist and we are extremely grateful to her for our ‘new’ marriage and a new outlook on our life together.”   – Celia and Bob

“I loved working with Linda.  She helped me with relationship coaching.  This led me to break up with my fiancé and find another man who is now my husband.  We have been married for 10 years.” – Diane.

“At 16, I was hesitant about therapy.  I didn’t know anything about it.  However, as weeks went by, I found myself enjoying the time.  I got to understand and learn how to better myself.  I’m so grateful and glad that I decide to continue my time in therapy with Linda.” – Megan.

“I am grateful to Linda for helping me to identify the intergenerational effects of alcoholism.  I have learned how limiting these patterns are and have so much more in my life now with doing this work.” – James.